5 Online Businesses You Can Start In 2019

Are you ready to start your own online venture? Great! Do you know what it takes to start a business except for capital? The answer is – ‘idea’. No doubt plenty of business ideas are there, but which one is best for you is what make all the difference. Now how to find out the business idea that can go with your interest? Let’s find out with few good online business ideas with the expert Neil Haboush.



Blogging is one of the best and easiest business options in the digital era. Nowadays, almost every business write and promote blogs. Blogging is not only helpful in promoting a business or product/services, but also a good source to earn income. You can offer blogging services to various brands and businesses and they will pay you for your service. Even you can start your own blogging website. When people start liking and sharing your blogs, businesses will start promoting their ads on your blog and you will start earning money.

Bookkeeping And Accounting Services


If you love playing with numbers, bookkeeping and accounting services can be the best option for you. You do not need any professional degree or certificate to start this business. All you need basic accounting knowledge and should be familiar with various accounting tools. Many businesses outsource their bookkeeping project to freelancers and accounting service providers. You can market your services through online platform and avail services to various businesses while sitting at home.

Virtual Assistant Services


When it comes to online business ideas, a virtual assistant business is one of the easiest and in-demand option. Almost all businesses need help with administrative tasks, including data entry, cold calling, scheduling appointments, etc. Instead of hiring a full-time receptionist or assistant, many businesses prefer hiring a virtual assistant. So you can approach businesses and offer your services to them. Remember, an actual effort lies in marketing and how you convince them to hire you. Virtual assistance service will always remain in demand and maybe this is why its pay scale always remains high.

Content Writing


In the digital marketing world, almost every business needs a content writer to write blogs, articles, press release, etc. Therefore, providing content writing and copywriting services to various businesses and brands is a great option. You can work from home as a freelance writer and pitch the clients with the best content writing ideas.

YouTube Channel


Starting a YouTube channel is the best online business an individual can start while still working full time. It allows you to build an audience who likes, share, and promote your work.

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